Blog: Data wipe option helps keep data secure

Smartphone users can use remote wipe functionality to keep their data secure, it has been claimed.

Mobile device users are able to delete emails, photos and data remotely, should their solution be lost or stolen, it has been claimed.

Satish Shetty, founder and chief executive officer of Codeproof Technologies, said owners should always try to locate their device first, but where this is not possible, data wipe is a viable option.

He explained that wiping the contents of the phone remotely prevents intruders from accessing personal and corporate emails or photos.

"Pretty much all the smartphones have an ability to delete all the contents in the device with a command," Mr Shetty stated.

However, he explained that users need to set-up this function first, while they are in control of their device.

The ability to erase sensitive information from stolen or lost devices may spare companies from becoming the victim of more serious crime.

It also helps reduce the risk of reputational damage being incurred as a result of negative publicity in the media.

Where companies are associated with the loss of data - or other security breaches - it may dissuade consumers from doing business with them in the future.

Posted by Alex Boardman

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