5 Tips for Running a Small Business from Anywhere

The concept of the ‘physical office’ as small businesses’ hub for productivity is quickly being replaced by need to have a connected ‘mobile office’ supporting teams wherever they happen to be. Today’s business landscape favours those who are nimble and able to adapt rapidly by collaborating on the go through the use of web-based software available for both desktop and mobile platforms. Web-based software is known as ‘cloud software/computing’ or as ‘the cloud’ for short.

Today, small businesses now have access to tools previously only available to larger enterprises – allowing small business owners to punch above their weight class and better compete in their industry. By taking advantage of these web-based and mobile solutions, small businesses owners can effectively run their company from anywhere – even from a mobile device or tablet!

Here are just a few of the ways technology can help small businesses with everyday business challenges:

Eliminate the Need for a Physical Office – Starting a business is difficult. You may not have the capital to lease office-space, or you may be hiring friends and colleagues through your network who are outside of your locale. Implement technology solutions that will unify your teams in the cloud – removing the need for a physical office-space.

Work Wherever It’s Convenient for You – Setup a shared folder on your mobile device while taking the bus; adjust a spreadsheet on your tablet at your favourite lunch spot; check your work email on a friend’s computer; and schedule your team meeting from your home desktop. Having the ability to work from your mobile device, a tablet, a laptop or even your desktop extends the office experience to wherever you need to conduct business. 

Always Up to Date –Implementing a cloud solution ensures that your team is always working from the latest version of a document even if multiple team members are working in it at the same time. You’ll have the most updated version on your desktop, your mobile, or your tablet even if you step away from your workspace or if someone has edited the document since you last saved it.

Have Instant Access to Your Documents from Anywhere – Whether at the office, the airport, a client meeting, or simply trying to catch up on the latest PowerPoint edits at home, having the latest documents at your fingertips is essential to an opportunity-ready business. By keeping your documents in the cloud you’ll be able to access your documents from any device with a cellular or internet connection.

Quick Access to Co-Workers – Be face-to-face even when hundreds of miles away. Use a shared calendar and send a quick instant message to get an update. If you need to collaborate even faster, launch a video conference from your mobile/tablet/desktop to connect with your team. You’ll be able to chat face-to-face while editing the big presentation together. It’s like being in the same office.

Using the power of a cloud solution, small businesses can have access to collaborative tools traditionally only large businesses had access to. Partner with Microsoft Office 365 and work wherever your team needs to be.



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