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Limerick based photographer Paul Dorrell's personal and working lives have become a lot easier since he started using Microsoft Office 365. "The shared calendar means I know where I need to be all the time. When I get an email, I can deal with it straight away and because everything is synced, I know that I am seeing everything."

Dorrell has been in business as a portrait and commercial photographer for the past six years and has built a strong reputation and a large client base in the Limerick and mid-west region. "We have a purpose-built studio here in Annacotty on the outskirts of Limerick, but my work takes me out on the road a lot and that's why I started using Office 365."

Problems with his previous mobile email led him to approach his IT supplier, NTES in Limerick. "I need to access email and data when I'm out on the road and I was having a lot of difficulties with it," Dorrell explains. "Even when I got the emails, I'd find that I couldn't reply to them and would have to go back to the office just to reply. NTES recommended Office 365 and it has been tremendous.

"Not only can I send and receive emails out on the road but Microsoft Outlook is synced on all my devices - my Nokia Lumia smartphone, my tablet computer, my laptop, and my desktop PC back in the office. Prior to getting Office 365, I had to transfer everything manually from one device to another - the time-saving has been very significant."

Dorrell also makes extensive use of the Lync function within Office 365. "It allows me to send an instant message back to my assistant in the studio... It also allows video conferencing and desktop sharing. This is really great if you're dealing with a client and you want to show them a portfolio or a proposal. I'm trying to expand the business and this can mean the difference of spending a few hours driving to and from a meeting."

SharePoint is another valued tool with Office 365. "I use it to have key files and business documents available to me at all times and in any location. It's great if I'm working on a project with other people; we can all share the document and work on it together and know we're working on the same thing."

Dorrell is a strong supporter of Office 365: "I am constantly using mobile devices to access emails and files and the ability to work anywhere is very important to me.

Taken from Microsoft Ireland - Full article here

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