Small Business Without an IT Team


Small businesses have enough to worry about without having to consider whether their server stack is capable of handling their Information/technology (IT) needs. In fact, most small businesses shouldn’t have to even ask about servers. If you decide to utilize a web-based solution to power your business, also known as ‘moving to the cloud,’ you’ll find that you can concentrate your resources on what matters most to your business; and not on solving technical issues.

Large enterprises typically have entire divisions dedicated to supporting and keeping their IT needs up and running. Choose wisely and your small business could soon be punching above its weight by implementing an enterprise-grade IT solution to help small businesses solve their most top-of-mind business challenges.

Below are some things small businesses should look for when choosing a cloud solution to avoid getting bogged down in IT issues:

Simple to Setup – You’ll want to find a service that is simple to setup that you’ll be able to do yourself, without needing to have an IT person.  Choose tools that are already familiar to your employees so there is minimal training required to get them going.

Simple to Use – Pick a tool that is easy and intuitive for non-technical users and that has a simple administration panel. Set which of your employees can access documents, who can edit them, and which can have even more access. Another feature you want to look for is being able to add new users quickly and effortlessly when your business grows.

Secure – By moving to the cloud, you’ll have peace of mind when it comes to your data’s security. Be confident that your data is also being protected from malicious threats and that your cloud solution will come pre-loaded with virus detection software

Private – The secret ingredient to your business is highly sensitive; make sure to choose a service that values your privacy and doesn’t scan your data for advertising or other monetary opportunities. You’ll be able to set permission levels for employees as well to give them access to as little, or as much, data as you’d like. Choose a solution that’ll let you remove your data whenever you want; it’s your data.

Reliable – You need to be able to rely on your business tools at any time in the day. Make sure to pick a tool that gives you redundant, reliable, and financially-backed guarantees that their service will work 99.9% of the time.
Additionally, search for a solution that will let you work wherever you need to be on whichever device you choose to work on.

There’s never enough time, so spend the time you have running your business and let Microsoft Office 365 Premium take care of the server stacks and technical details.



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