Small Businesses…Punch Above Your Weight with Office 365

By Thomas Hansen, Vice
President, SMB Worldwide, Microsoft


The way small businesses connect and interact with people, information and organizations is changing. Technology is rapidly becoming more natural – anticipating what people want and enabling people to interact in natural ways. You can now work on a customer spreadsheet in the office and then send it through your phone instead of going back to the office to work off your laptop.

You don’t have to worry about hacker sending spam emails from your account to your customers because your cloud email service is secure. You can create an impressive sales presentation and instantly show it to your prospects through high-definition video conferencing. But most importantly, with technology making your life easier, you spend less time at work and more with friends and family.

New technologies are game-changers for small businesses looking to boost their competitiveness and solve the next business challenges. The new Office 365 Small Business Premium was designed to help the small companies compete with the big guys – or as some may say “punch above your weight.”  With anywhere access to powerful low cost business applications you and your team can eliminate IT complexities and optimize your business output.

What can Office 365 do for your small business?

Be more productive.

The growth of mobile devices has made flexible working a necessity. With Office 365, your work is no longer tied to one place: employees can create, edit and share documents from anywhere, at any time. With data connectivity, you can access your emails, contacts, calendars and documents and enjoy a consistent experience across your smartphone, PC and tablet. With improved access and streamlined document management, you’ll never be tied to your desk again.

Look even more professional.

Using Office 365 means getting up and running fast with familiar office applications. Your team can work more collaboratively with professional business email, shared calendaring, document sharing and high definition video conferencing.  Plus you’ll benefit from staying connected to the people you work through newsfeed delivered right to your inbox, making it easy to provide feedback on documents, ask questions and get answers in real time.

Stop worrying about IT.

Get access to the enterprise-grade IT infrastructure you need without managing IT and its related costs. Because Office 365 is cloud-based, you’ll always have access to the latest technology without the need for up-front infrastructure costs. With an affordable and predictable monthly fee, you have the latest version of the familiar Office desktop applications that connect seamlessly with best-in-class communication and collaboration services.

Office 365 provides small businesses with the right tools to compete on the same level as their larger peers and punch above their weight even in the most challenging markets.



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