Small businesses must empower staff with communications

Unified communications can make a positive difference to small businesses.

Small businesses are constantly looking for ways to upgrade their IT offering without breaking the bank.

Cost-effective technology investments give such companies the opportunity to compete on a more level playing field with larger rivals.

Unlike big businesses, SMBs can rarely take advantage of economies of scale - so they need to be a little more inventive when it comes to budgets and costs.

New communications technologies give small firms an unprecedented opportunity to empower workers and reach out to their customers - something which can have a direct positive impact on the bottom line.

Unified communications solutions are now accessible to companies of all sizes, not just the super-rich and technology savvy.

This means employees can converse with each other - and customers - using the channel deemed most appropriate at the time.

For important calls with valued customers, it may be a good idea to set up a video conference, while for in-house conversation, instant messaging may do the trick.

A range of tools are available as part of a single integrated solution, giving companies more flexibility than ever before.

This is the new age of business communication - and it's important for your people to have a voice over as many channels as possible.

Posted by Alex Boardman

Microsoft’s technology is always looking out how it can help businesses, and we’re excited to let you know that the new version of Microsoft Office is here! Small businesses will get great value, power and simplicity by using Office 365, which incorporates the new Office to help you save money.

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