Blog: Keep in touch with your rivals using Windows 8

The touch-screen focus on Windows 8 offers great benefits to businesses.

Windows 8 has certainly made an impression on consumers and businesses users since its launch in the autumn.

The operating system (OS) marks something of a departure from the traditional Windows interface - clearly to the surprise of some users, but to the delight of many others.

Considered a timely revamp by many - in light of the ongoing tablet computer revolution - the touch-focused OS offers a number of great features.

In a recent PC World review, Tony Bradley noted that Windows 8 supports "cool options" such as handwritten note-taking in OneNote and commenting on a Word document by hand using digital ink.

"Furthermore, once you get used to Windows 8's touch and swipe conventions, the touch-based controls enable you to navigate the OS very effectively," he stated.

With a tap-and-drag gesture, you can use two apps simultaneously, for example, so you can check email and edit an Excel spreadsheet at the same time."

Mr Bradley noted that, from a business perspective, the greatest appeal of the touch-screen interface is the new possibilities it opens for Windows 8 PCs.

"Functions for which many businesses may currently be considering iPad or Android tablets to accomplish could be performed from a Windows 8 tablet or from a PC equipped with a touchscreen monitor," he claimed.

Windows 8 clearly has a lot to offer in a rapidly changing IT landscape.

Touch is the new frontier, and the OS gives consumers and business users the opportunity to remain on the pulse without sacrificing the familiarity and reliability of Microsoft's software and applications.

Posted by Alex Boardman

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