SMBs can market their company in many ways

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can market their services in a number of ways, it has been claimed.

According to Business 2 Community writer Chris Marocchi, SMBs have marketing resources available to them like never before, owing to continued technological innovation.

Such companies have a variety of tools at their disposal which can offer advantages from a marketing perspective, he noted.

Mr Marocchi explained that there are different types of small business marketing tools which can assist companies.

These include strategy and problem solving solutions, and those designed to help firms capitalise on the opportunities presented by social media, he noted.

SMBs can also use blogging and website-building tools to establish a stronger online presence, while contact management and lead prospecting is also easier online.

Mr Marocchi said there is still a place for traditional networking, which he suggested can be the most effective way to build relationships.

He claimed that these different types of marketing resources should prove useful to SMBs as they look to grow their businesses in 2013.

Earlier this month, Tariq Khwaja, principal consultant at TK Associates, said it is important for SMB leaders to think about how they pitch their business to potential customers.

They need to consider the message they are aiming to get across through their marketing material, she claimed.

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