Friday Support: How to fix printer problems in your small business

Didn’t we read something about the paperless society some years ago?

A funny thing seems to have happened on the way to the future. Most of us still rely on paper to a large degree and what small business can survive without a printer? Maybe we don’t use as much as we did a decade ago, but most businesses still need paper for invoices, letters, and complex documents. And few things can be as frustrating in the workday as a printer that doesn’t work. It all leads to lost time, lost productivity and lost opportunities. 
The last thing any business needs in this economic climate.  

That’s why Microsoft Small Business Support came out with How to fix printer problems in your small business, an easy-to-use guide that walks you through the steps to diagnose and troubleshoot printing problems.

The guide includes a Microsoft Fix It, a simple-to-use tool that automatically diagnoses and repairs common printer problems.  The free software is simple to install and will automatically run through a series
of diagnostics and repair common problems.

The guide also includes step-by-step instructions for tackling wireless printer problems, printer driver issues, and common printer issues. It will also help you to install printers on your network and shows you how to print from the different programs on your computer.

Some of the printer problems addressed in this guide:

  • What do I do if my printer doesn’t work?
  • How can I print from most programs on my computer?
  • How do I add my printer to the network?

And what business doesn’t want to spend more time with customers and less troubleshooting printer problems while we all wait for the paperless society to arrive?

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