Mobile Technology is Broadening

The definition of 'mobile' in the technology sector will broaden during 2013, it has been predicted.

Writing for Forbes, Parmy Olson noted that the "smartest machine" in many homes, besides a desktop computer or laptop, is now a smartphone.

She noted that everything else - from the TV to the toaster - is dumb by comparison.

"But that is changing, as more devices are enabled with wireless connectivity," Ms Olson said.

"The smartphone is also becoming the hub for them all - used to turn off the lights or control the temperature of a house."

She forecast that an increasing number of devices will go mobile over the course of the next 12 months, taking advantage of this technology.

This will augment the very definition of the term 'mobile', Ms Olson claimed.

She said the smartphone will become increasingly important as the 'mothership' that controls all other devices within the home or business.

More conventionally, mobile solutions are being used in business as productivity tools, it has been claimed.

Research conducted by business apps provider Roambi found that 40 per cent of firms see laptops as being the top productivity tool, 30 per cent media tablets and 26.5 per cent smartphones.

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Tools to help employees be productive

  • Access, change, and share your Office documents and notes easier and faster. The Office Hub brings together all your Office documents and notes in one convenient place. You can take notes and sync them using OneNote Mobile and easily view, edit, comment on, and sync Office documents back to your SkyDrive, Office 365, or SharePoint sites. You can view PowerPoint presentations with animations so you can see the information as it was intended.

  • Multiple calendars or Exchange inboxes. View multiple calendars from your Exchange Server and web email in one view, with appointments from different calendars showing in different colors. Windows Phone also supports multiple Exchange email and calendar accounts on the phone.

  • Outlook tasks have arrived. Manage your time better by having your Outlook tasks on your Windows Phone, in a view easily accessible from your calendar.

  • Distribute documents directly from the phone. You can send documents by email directly from Office Mobile without leaving the application, saving time and effort.

  • Reach co-workers in real time with Lync Mobile. Check availability and chat with individuals or groups through IM. Lync Mobile is available free from the Windows Phone Store.


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