How Small Businesses can benefit from Windows 8 Pro?


As you’ve probably noticed – with the decorations, music and crowds almost everywhere you go – the holidays are in full swing! While many people are thinking about heading out of the office to spend some time with friends and
family, many small businesses are not doing so, as it is often the busiest time of year for them. This holiday we wanted to make sure that small businesses are aware of some of the features in Windows 8 Pro that can help them stay up to speed with work, while also giving them time to enjoy some well-deserved R&R.

Small businesses will see improved productivity with Windows 8 Pro

The operating system on business computers plays a huge role in improving efficiency and work flow. Features in Windows 8 Pro such as the new Start screen is built of tiles that allow small businesses to put all the things they rely on and care about most, such as their most-used business apps or possibly their holiday shopping list, right in front of them. Additionally, one of the key benefits of Windows 8 Pro is the option to use touch and mouse & keyboard, so people have the choice to use whatever makes them the most productive.

Small businesses get enhanced security with Windows 8 Pro

Although a security breach is problematic for any business, it can be downright catastrophic for a small business if it results in substantial losses, tarnishes their reputation with customers or shuts down the business for a period of time. Many feel like it will never happen to them, but according to Verizon’s 2012 Data Breach Investigations Report, business with fewer than 100 employees made up 75 percent of breach cases. Luckily, Windows 8 Pro was built with security in mind and includes features like BitLocker and Trusted Boot so small businesses know that they are protected from power-on to power-off.

Mobility solutions are front and centre with Windows 8 Pro

Many small businesses strive for the ability to work remotely so they can do things like check-in on business matters from home after the kids have gone to bed or keep tabs on what’s happening while they’re out of town during the holidays. Knowing that mobility is a priority for small businesses, Windows 8 Pro is built with support for key mobile technologies like built-in mobile broadband and Remote Desktop, so small businesses can stay productive regardless if they are at the store or office, traveling or spending quality time at home.

Small Businesses see better performance with Windows 8 Pro

Given how busy schedules get around the holidays, it’s important that people get things done on time. Often a slow-moving computer or outdated software can be a time suck and prevents people from logging off. Now is a great time for small businesses to upgrade to new hardware and software like Windows 8 Pro, so that they can get out of the office – whether it is for dinner with a friend, finalizing some holiday shopping or just relaxing at home with the family. Also, if a small business purchases new technology before the end of the year, come tax time it can be a nice write-off.

Overall, small businesses can see that by making needed upgrades to their technology they will not only stay productive this holiday season but will continue to do so into the New Year. To find out more about Windows 8 Pro for small businesses please visit:


Posted by Steven Woodgate via the Windows Blog

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