Using Blogs as Marketing Tools

Blogs can be powerful marketing tools for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), it has been claimed.

Steve Lazuka, founder of Interact Media, explained that blogs can attract visitors to their websites, generate leads and guide consumers to the point of purchase.

"Blogging is particularly valuable for small businesses because it helps level the playing field with larger competitors," he stated.

"Better yet, it helps establish your company’s persona."

Mr Lazuka said creating a blog gives SMBs a voice, which allows them to engage with customers using a conversational tone.

"It’s your chance to show you understand [customers'] needs and concerns. And, you know sales success depends on meeting people’s needs," he stated.

Blogs can also help web users find SMBs, by expanding their online presence and establishing more, higher quality inbound links.

They can also improve the website's search engine optimisation, making it easier for customers to locate particular sites, Mr Lazuka said.

And blogs can also help SMBs expand their email lists for future contacts, making it is easier for businesses to contact consumers with special offers and promotions.

Mr Lazuka added that SMBs can reinforce their branding and build a stronger reputation by earning credibility and trust.

As long as they are honest and accurate in their blogs, these aims should be achievable, he stated.

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Posted by Steven Woodgate

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