The Winners of Windows 8 #LoveWin8


To celebrate the success of the Great British Business Show, and the release of Windows 8, we asked small businesses and entrepreneurs to enter our fantastic competition: to tell us why they love Windows 8!

This blog is delighted to announce the winners listed below. Congratulations for the ten lucky winners of Windows 8. There were some fantastic entries.

A Wood, Line Start Media

“Total ease of use and visibility of different programs”

Stephanie Sara, Ship to Shore Executive Coaching Limited

“Picture password login and love tiles”

Colleen Rawling, Harbalife

“Flexible, clear, easy-to-use, user-friendly”

Rich Terry, Happy Childcare Services Ltd

“I love the way it looks and how accessible things are. Makes things go quicker.”

Joanne Siggins, Wanstead Walkies

“Best of both worlds. Touch screen navigation. Desktop setup Tiles, live update tiles.”

Monali Patel, House of Ava

“Modern. Fun. Up-to-date. Everything you use and need is available quickly and easily on the desktop.”

Sarah Tozer, ST International Ltd

“Everything I’m interested in will be at the forefront of my screen!”

Jessica Fryer

“The ability to have Apps to drive my business in a way that was never possible before”

Mokhtar Adbullah

“It’s good and easy-to-use, faster, fantastic, smooth, works well and it’s awesome”

Inam Meer

Because of the choice of Apps to make my life easier & well informed”

Check Windows 8 out for yourself and download the free trial

Posted by Steven Woodgate.

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