Celebrate the success of your business with a custom infographic

This blog understands the importance of showing off your success, so we’ve created a free app that will allow you to easily design a fully personalised infographic about your business. 

Infographics have so many great uses: from creating an interactive visual aid for an internal review meeting to showing the world how brilliant your company is, it can be used for pretty much anything.  

Perhaps this could even be the perfect talking point for your upcoming event or meeting? The possibilities are close to endless.

With our tool you can produce a slick, visual and engaging infographic that’ll impress at any level.

However, we don’t doubt that part of what makes business special is its people. With this in mind, you can easily inject a little extra quirk and personality into your infographic with the option to include some lighthearted elements such as: the number of employees with moustaches, the number of sports fans and even the amount of coffee you consume.

So if you’re feeling creative, give it a go and show your business off.

No one knows your business like you do, so why not add in your own custom fields and options: actively highlighting anything from the number of new business wins, the amount of office pets in residence or how many pencils you get through each year.  

This easy-to-use infographic tool will give you the perfect graphic to share with friends, peers and potential clients.

Share your success and your business with ease by using the in-built social sharing and embed functionalities: you can give your graphic prime spot on your website, or show it off to your Facebook and Twitter communities, using the official hashtags #MsftSMB and #talkingbusiness.

Remember, this tool is super simple but also very customisable, so you’ll always be able to show off everything that’s great about your business.

Click here to create your free customised infographic and don’t forget to share it with the world.


Check out this example below, and have fun creating your own.

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