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Great British Business Show

Did you go? Wasn’t it swell? If you didn’t notice, Microsoft was there telling everyone who wished to listen all about Windows 8.

And what incredible feedback it received. Look out for blog post about it over the coming days. What are you making of it?

Still haven’t tried it? Free trial can be found here.

Over the two days, the Business Show helped many small businesses showcase their offerings for other businesses. Did it help? Did it
do enough?

We want you to get in touch and let us know. If you missed us, you can check out our Pinterest account for all the action.

We want to know what other businesses for it and how it helped. Get in touch.


We Love London

London: the capital of the world. Well, sort of. Nevertheless, reports have indicated that it is ranked the best startup ecosystem in Europe.

The report from Startup Genome and Telefonica Digital ranks England’s capital as the seventh best startup ecosystem in the world.

Silicon Valley comes out on top and, somehow, Tel Aviv is the only city outside the US that comes ahead of London.

This research tells us that performance, talent, and staying up to date with trends are the areas to focus on.

Better results from startups and their investors will bring more money into the ecosystem and help us raise the game generally, talent is the big enabler of performance and leading the world by setting trends is the raison d’etre for startups.

Ah, well. Always next year. Come on London!


OK. We don’t love London that much

Come on London, indeed. Despite its strong performance in the StartUp Ecosystem report, disappointing investment in London startups means that the city is behind other tech hubs.

One says this, the other that. This blog knows it’s annoying, but we have to do our research. Following THE SAME REPORT, it highlights the shortfall to a lack of super angel investors and fewer VC funds.

Entrepreneurs are also holding back on committing full-time to their startups until they are confident their business models will work.

Lack of investment is not the only issue hampering London’s ability to compete with rival tech hotspots in the US. Earlier this year, the director of The Hoxton Mix, a company that rents desk space in the area, told StrategyEye that office space is becoming increasingly limited.

However, Modern Jago is a new initiative to boost work space – this may be the start of something extraordinary. Well, maybe not extraordinary, but something rather helpful in the startup space.

Tell us what startups need? How can London become Greater?


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