Building creative workspace with Modern Jago

Our friends at Modern Jago have done amazing things in creating a truly unique creative work experience and has opened an 'office' in Shoreditch to help inspire small business minds.


Modern Jago makes friends

So far we’ve had a wide selection of creative minds pass through the front doors of Modern Jago, and some who came through the back – they were a little lost.

But however they found us, they all came armed with inspiring ideas to share, develop and create.

The Modern Jago space itself is a reflection of all this creative energy. In the coming weeks and months we can expect to see more exciting output, in the form of events, exhibitions, meetups, talks – and beautiful Windows 8 apps.

Modern Jago Head Space  

One team that’s made their mark on Modern Jago is our friends from Anywhere Working, an initiative established to show how remote working can improve productivity, wellbeing and the environment. They’ve established Head Space, our co-working space, which is a freely available co-working space for digital artisans to play, create and collaborate.

Offices are okay; they’re where most of us spend quite a lot of our working lives. But creatively? They can sometimes be a little stale. To help shake up work routines, we’re making Modern Jago’s co-working space freely available to individuals and small teams on Mondays and Tuesdays.

If you haven’t visited Modern Jago yet, you’re in for an awesome surprise. There’ll always be something interesting going on nearby, whether it’s an exhibition or performance in our dedicated upstairs space or Modern Jago talks and events. Plus, superb coffee and food from the area’s independent cafes is just a short walk away.

Head Space isn’t exclusive, so be willing to share with like-minded teams and individuals. Who knows? It may be the chance meeting that changes everything.

The space is so much more than a room with WiFi. Although it does have really good WiFi.

You can view a calendar of all Head Space slots, as well as other bookable Modern Jago events, right here.

Head Space Talks

We’re aiming to offer lunch time or early evening speaker sessions for anyone and everyone who is passionate about making and building. These sessions won’t be exclusively digitally focused (although we welcome talks that are); they can be about the things you love, for example, or your creative and collaborative processes.

If you have a topic, idea or project you’d like to talk about, get in touch and let’s make it happen.

We can help

Psssst! Don’t forget to have a chat to us when booking to see how we can help you get the most out of your visit, whether it’s to facilitate a brain-storm, technical input on challenges, or to sync you with another team to help solve a problem. We’ll do what we can to get you collaborating and mingling with the right people.


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