Hot Topics in StartUps: Influencers, London Winners & 50 Mistakes

Become an influencer can be helpful to your startup (+1.0)

Being online is useful. In fact, it’s very useful. Obviously being an online influencer is not usually the goal of start-up founders, but it is something that can help.

Influence is a distribution model, and getting good and well-known can be crucial for any startup business.

Across social media platforms and blogs, there are many hints and tips. Looking out this week, to see our influencers’ tips on becoming an influencer. Influential.

Cheek back later in the week, it’ll be a good read and influential.


London Startup Weekend: the entrants and winners (+1.5)

It was the Telegraph’s London Startup weekend last weekend, and as promised, we have the winners and shakers.

WINNER: SmartWard - an app that aims to reduce human error in hospitals by introducing a streamlined, paperless solution to patient care. SmartWard creates an electronic version of the patient's Handover sheet and integrates a task management system for hospital staff.

1. Memoly - an online education platform to help make revision easier for students. Users upload their lecture notes to Memoly and it files them away intelligently.

2. Stamp Eater - a simple way of consolidating loyalty cards and providing additional information about the customer to the merchant.

3. Bake it, Sell it - an online marketplace for small bakers.

4. Cakewalk - an app for making the process of mergers and acquisitions smoother by simplifying the process to keep everything in one place, minimising the risk of error.

5. Yuzu - an all-in-one app for hotels that would allow guests to control all aspects of their stay and hoteliers to keep tabs on their rooms.

6. Parker - an app that finds you find a spare parking space and pay for it.

7. Rise: the app - an app to help people meet their personal goals by punishing them when they fail to meet those goals.

8. StoreBerry - a service for creating affordable white label apps for small businesses.

9. MiniMobb - a Meetup service for people to hang out and talk about news stories they're interested in.

10. Face My Career - a marketplace where jobhunters can connect with professionals for career counselling or practice interviews.

11. Camerabot - a subscription service for drone-assisted reporting so that large media organisations can minimise the risks to journalists.

This blog wished a big congratulations to the winners.


50 Lessons learned in 12 months (0)

A problem shared is a problem halved. A lesson learnt from a mistake is an education, not an experience. This blog wants to help small businesses and startups and it has come this fascinating blog by James Maskell.

50 Startup Lessons Learned in 12 months shows his first year in StartUp and shows off a great experience and potential problems that your startup may run into.

Have a read and let us know what lessons was your favourite.

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