Using Windows 8 for Business Part 6: Getting Connected and Having Fun through the Start Screen

Following on from our Using Windows 8 for Business series, this blog is how to actually stay connected to the Internet and how to have a lot of fun with the Start Screen. Not only that but this blog post will explore Windows 8 Media Player and how to use the Camera App.

Download a free trial yourself, and use the handy tips below to get started.

Connecting to the Internet

Sounds rather simple doesn’t it? But everybody needs three things to connect with the Internet: a computer, web browser software and an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Simple stuff.

Windows 8 offers you two web browsers to make Internet connection more thorough. The Start screen’s Internet Explorer works for full screen, quick information grabs; the desktop’s Internet Explorer browser offers more in-depth features.

After connecting, you can use either option to get the most of your experience.

Browsing Quickly from the Start Screen

Internet Explorer is an app available as soon as you load up the Start Screen. Click the tile and be on your way. If you want to look away from the web, right-click or touch the top or bottom edge for further options.

Taking Photos with the Camera App

Your business may need photos and images quick, and the camera enables you to take a good quality photo. It is a featured App on the Start Screen for easy access and quick use. There’s options to use this mode as a video, just case you wanted to upload a Vodcast for business purposes.

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Any tips or hints we missed for businesses? Let us know.

If you’re eagerly to buy, then look at our Buyer’s Guide.

Posted by Steven Woodgate

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  1. John E Dunn says:

    Experienced Windows users gain nothing from the Windows startscreen and I'm not sure that inexperienced users do either. On a conventional laptop it is useless screenspace as are the embedded apps that live there.

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