Using Windows 8 for Business Part 5: Engaging the Social Apps

Following on from our Using Windows 8 for Business series, this blog is looking at Apps and how it can really help your business. In Windows, programs or apps are your tools, and this blog will explain how to engage with the social apps, and how to make them really work for your business.

Download a free trial yourself, and use the handy tips below to get started.

Engaging the Social Apps

Thankfully, or rather unthankfully, the Internet’s never-fading memory, friends and acquaintances never ever disappear. Windows 8 makes it easier to manage your online social life with a series of social apps ready and waiting to be used, including: Mail, People, Calendar and Messaging.

Adding Social Accounts to Windows 8

Windows 8 asks you to enter your account names and passwords from your social media accounts to alight the People app. Don’t be alarmed, Microsoft and the other networks have agreed a network share, but only if you approve it.

Approving this will be a massive timesaver, Windows 8 will link to your accounts to import your friends’ contact information and stock up your apps.

Understanding the Mail App

Windows 8 comes with a built-in app for sending and receiving your email; it also comes with a spell checker. You can easily add accounts such as Hotmail, Outlook and Google, but to add other accounts you will need to enter your generic account and add other email address in the Options menu. This will then let plenty of email address to be hosted on one app. Very useful for business people.

Sending and Receiving Email

This post know you can send and receive emails, but what is different is receiving attached folders. The download, depending what it is, will open in a cool, jazzy app.

Managing Your Contacts in the People App

The People App will see everybody come together with very easy access. The People App handles much of its upkeep automatically, acing people you’ve unfriended on Facebook and slyly removing contacts who’ve unfriended you as well.

Calendar and Messaging

The calendar is self-explanatory, but messaging in a new and improved feature. Get chatting away and enjoy.

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Any tips or hints we missed for businesses? Let us know.

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