Friday Support: Unlocking the hidden value of apps


 We're kicking off series of blogs to help small businesses understand the importance of IP. Martin Brassell from Inngot will provide blogs that even this blog can understand.

Unlocking the hidden value of apps

Intellectual property (IP) is of real importance for any knowledge-based enterprise – not only to safeguard your products against rip-offs, but to obtain funding or investment, license your software, collaborate with other businesses, and ultimately realise value from your efforts.

Apps, new to Windows 8, are a case in point. They bring together many elements: engaging design, attractive branding, entertaining content, and (often) useful and novel functionality. In short, they’re packed with IP.

To help Windows 8 app developers to identify IP and put it to best use, Microsoft UK has teamed up with Inngot to provide preferential access to web tools that will identify all the assets you have created and tell you what they may be worth. Act quickly, and the service could be free...

Inngot’s online tools will guide you through the process of creating your own sharable profile that will pinpoint the assets you have. Then, by adding the financial details from your business plan, you can produce  an indicative valuation report, using the Sollomon system developed with specialist input from Grant Thornton UK LLP.

You don't need to know much about IP to use Inngot, but if you do need any help, videos and a friendly support team are on hand to assist. Best of all - if you are a member of the Windows 8 Elite club, you can have one of the first 100 profiling and valuation packages completely free: a saving of £300 +VAT.

Email your member details (name/contact) and the offer code (INNGOT) to You’ll receive the code you need to redeem this exclusive Elite member benefit on the Inngot website (at, and start to get the most out of your business's most valuable assets. But don’t delay – the codes are shipping now.


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