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As a follow up to last week’s Friday support blog I’d like to better acquaint you with the Support for Small Business site where the ‘migrate
your small business to Office 365’
article is located.

The internet is a huge place so it’s often difficult to find anything or you have to wade through tons of information to find exactly what you need.  Wouldn’t it be good if everything was in one place?  

That’s where the Support for Small business site comes in – all your support needs in one handy location.  The idea of the site is that you can use it to fix
issues, learn about Microsoft products and contact Microsoft if you need further help, but unlike a lot of support sites out there, it’s easy to use and navigate and has interesting content in the form of interactive and video guides.

It’s no good if you fall asleep before you get to the end of an article! 

It also covers all levels of expertise and caters for small businesses of various sizes.  Want to know how to speed up your computer?  Read the article
Interested in how your company can leverage Cloud computing? Watch the learning video.


Need to make your business more productive by learning how to get your business online, get employees connected and how to easily collaborate on documents. Use the search small business solutions tool to find information on this. Obviously these are just a few of the topics available on the site, so give it a whirl this week, you’ll be surprised at the information available at your fingertips!

By the way, if you liked the Office 365 article last week, you’ll be pleased to hear that I will be including more resources from the site in our Friday support blog going forward, so tweet me and let me know if you find them useful.

Until next week – learn something new today on the Support for Small Business Site!  

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