Friday Support for Small Businesses

This week's Friday Support for Small Business comes from John Spilker, who look after the Small Business Community Forum, and this week he's looking at Office 365.

Migrate your small business to the cloud with to Office 365

For a growing small business, a move to the cloud can offer significant cost savings including reduced power consumption and lower IT costs.  That’s why the Microsoft small business
support portal developed the Migrate your small business to Office 365 guide.

Switching to the cloud enables employees to more easily communicate critical business information with rich documents, presentations and spreadsheets; the ability to share that information quickly and securely with reliable communications solutions; and the ability to collaborate with colleagues, customers and partners alike.

This guide will assist you with tasks such as:

  • Moving email, contacts and calendar information to Office 365
  • Moving files to Office 365
  • Moving websites to Office 365
  • Moving from Office Live Small Business to Office 365

Learn more from Migrate your small business to Office 365.

Facebook/forum post

I’d like to suggest that you can also take a look at the How to migrate to Office 365 guide that was published in the Microsoft Small Business Support Center.  It looks at a number of issues including how to move email, contacts and calendar information to Office 365.



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