We have a friend: UK Business Forum

As this blog - and Microsoft - are trying to help start-ups and small businesses come accustomed to new technology and ways of working, we are happy to announce that we have formed an awesome allegiance in battling tough recession-like conditions with the UK Business Forum.

This blog is committed in providing good (we hope you think so!) content, and providing a platform for small business owners, start-up thinkers and wannabe entrepreneurs to interact in one
friendly community.

The #StartUpClinic provides this, too. If you want answers from those within the industry you are in, or are looking for further tips and advice, we encourage you to participant in conversations, reply to questions and boast about the excellent work you are doing. Join in!

Microsoft’s Small Business Marketing Manager Jon French knows that start-ups and small businesses are finding it tough, and wants to provide a platform to help and encourage.

“The UK Business Forum is an excellent place to find out about trends, and interact with people in your sector about all aspects of starting-up. Within the chats, there are some great discussions taking place about this, that and everything.

“This partnership shows that Microsoft are committed to helping small businesses and start-ups, and we want to give them the best possible chance.”

What a lovely chap Jon is.

Those from UK Business Forum are rather excited too, especially Yiuwin Tsang. He said:

"UK Business Forums is the UKs biggest and busiest online destination for entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses. Over 300,000 unique visitors coming to the site each month whilst contributing over 20,000 posts making UK. Business Forums the ideal place for start-ups and entrepreneurs to access insight, guidance and support from a peer-to-peer network of business owners.

"The collaboration with Microsoft on the Startup Clinic has created an already popular platform for startups and early stage business owners to share experiences and advice. This help and support allows startups to develop their businesses and ideas through to the next level."

Come in and join the fun and get the advice you crave.



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