Hot Topics in the Small Business Community: Olympic buzz, Entrepreneurs not reaching their potential & #WebSummit

Olympics creating business (1)

Wasn’t the Olympics magnificent? Wasn’t it grand? Wasn’t it beneficial for every small business out there?

According to some, most notably this post, believed that the Olympics helped start-ups to grow and flourish. Livesheets used the Olympics as a springboard to boast about its crowd flow model. It was the most detailed and complex one ever build for a sports event. It was built in Excel and gave it the simplicity it required.

Not bad going, eh?

Livesheets is just one of many extraordinary cases that benefitted from London 2012. It provided a timely extra boost to the country’s economy and the capital’s infrastructure. Start-ups, like Livesheets, had to carefully identify a niche in the market, and those that did, did it successfully.

The Games provided great opportunities for small businesses.

Tell us about your successes? Or if we got it drastically wrong, please tell us too!


Entrepreneurs Not Reaching their potential (0)      


There’s been much talk and focus about entrepreneurs and small business owners failing to reach their potential. However, before sounding like a poor football pundit, there’s help available.

No one has ever said that being an entrepreneur is easy. Creating your own destiny and career path is tricky and hard-work – succeeding in this lifestyle seems to require an elusive mix of traits.

There are many reasons why some entrepreneurs make it big, while others flounder. Later this week, this blog will give you a run down and supply helpful tips why small business owners aren’t reaching their potential?

After all, most entrepreneurs are intelligent folk. They are hardworking and usually at the top of their profession. However, some of these smart people go from thriving in the workplace to struggle in maintaining the success of a small business.

Make sure you look out for that one. It will be a cracker.


#WebSummit in Dublin (1)

Following last week’s post of the value of attending conferences, there was a Web Summit in Dublin. Did that provide any value? According to our good friend Twitter and the hashtag #WebSummit, it does. Makes that post look rather silly now, doesn’t it?

The papers labelled it as “Impressive”, “Extraordinary” and “Top of the Pile”, making last week’s blog post look even sillier.

With over 200 international speakers and over 3000 attendees from 50+ countries, it provides a good basis from seasoned CEOs to start-up entrepreneurs and everything in-between.

More interestingly for this blog, there were 250 start-ups from over the world exhibiting in the Start-up Village. Very cool, indeed.

Did you attend? Was it interesting?

What do you think of these ‘Hot Topics’? Let us know. Please. We have twitter and everything.

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