Naming your start-up – is the web ready for your start-up’s name?

Bah… Naming. Humbug. Gibberish. Not that important. Ironically, this can be the most difficult challenge in the early stages of a start-up. While small businesses owners produce plans, research and forecast, they often leave naming until last.

Not many in the industry have spoken about the topic and what it actually means to business and to the business’s awareness. This week’s Hot Topics recognised the developing talks amongst social media users about creating and branding the correct start-up name and whether it matters?

Accordingly to the groovy New York-based creative marketer and growth strategist Cezary Pietrzak, it does. He may also be an advocator of fancy job titles, but he knows what he is talking about.

Creating solid names and making it web-friendly seems to a reoccurring theme, especially with great emphasis on SEO recently.

Creating a name that is short and relevant to your idea and business objectives is not the easiest on tasks. In fact, it’s painstakingly annoying. Unless you’re a trendy linguist, this is not an easy task.

When decided on a name, you must find a domain that’s available – digital marketing in SMBs in consistently increasing. Believe this blog, this is annoying, time-consuming and down-right frustrating but it will pay divides. The name you eventually decide on will be subject to availability and
you may need to get those haggling skills out.

Why is it so important?

The name is the first thing people hear and is the first chance to show off. First impressions count and if you want consumers to part with money, then a good name goes a long way towards that. At best, it signals maturity and relevance; at worst, a lack of vision, attention to detail and creativity. Before you can even finish your pitch, people are already making judgments of your company, and bad names can be a real distraction to important conversations.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is key again. It is important that consumers can find your products and your business, so providing the best and relevant name is fundamental for text-based discovery channels.

Pre-Naming Preparation

Getting the right groundwork is key. Use the following steps to help you achieve that business winning company name:

-        Set a goal and a decline

-       Create an Excel spreadsheet to keep your ideas in one place

-       Set up a brainstorming session

-       Research startups with great names

Hopefully this will begin the naming process, just to realise how important naming your business is!

For more info check this blog out!

Is your business name web-friendly? What other processes are in place? Get in contact with Twitter (@MicrosoftSB) or on Facebook! Please.

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