Hot Topics in the Small Business Community – Networking weekends, Naming Your StartUp and the Smarta 100

Telegraph to host start-up weekend, but are they any good? (0)

The Telegraph is hosting a technology weekend on the 9th-11th November at their London headquarters. The event is held to support teams of students, developers, designers and entrepreneurs to create applications in a celebration of Britain’s growing role as a leading centre for technology. Yay! Go us.

The whole event is in association with Silicon Valley Comes to the UK and Startup Weekend, and is not just London based. Startups Weekends will be held in Manchester, Sheffield, Southampton and Cambridge, to guarantee that there is a decent reach to much of the country.

Not only are these a good way to network and meet similar-minded people, but there will be hands-on workshops run by, Entrepreneur First and the Open Knowledge Foundation to offer support.

However, do these offer long-term benefit to startups? Or are they simply for show? Which ones are the best to go to? Give us your view.


Naming your start-up - is the web ready for your start-up's name? (0)

Following an interesting blog on Mashable, the business site, there was much discussion circulating around the impact the name of a company has on business. Does it really matter? Do you need one to stand out?

Accordingly to the groovy New York-based creative marketer and growth strategist Cezary Pietrzak, it does. He may also be an advocator of fancy job titles, but he
knows what he is talking about.

This Friday we will look more in-depth at this and the effects it has on business, offline and online. Creating solid names and making it web-friendly seems to be the way to go, but more startups perhaps need this to be highlighted. Hope you're excited to read that one.

What makes your business tick? Is naming important as we’re in the age of BYOD? Does it actually matter?



The Smarta 100 Leaderboard of Small Businesses (+0.5)

This blog loves a top 100. This is why we love the Smarta 100 Leaderboard.

November 8th will see the winner of the prestigious Business of the Year and with it, a £10,000 over-sized, novelty cheque. This blog also loves money and oversized cheques.

The winner is decided by the Smarta 100 judges and will be announced at the Awards Ceremony, taking place in November. Some of the heavyweight entrepreneurial judging panel include: Theo Paphitis, Sháá Wasmund, Ben Dowd, Rowan Gormley and Mike Soutar. Quite a panel, indeed.

As well as the overall Business of the Year Award, there are smaller, but no less admired award including: Best Use of Innovation; Best Use of Technology; Best Use of Resources; Best Use of Marketing; Biggest Social Impact; and Best Use of People.

Oil and Gas People are leading the way so far. Shopa, Kigu and Albartross Design are all in close proximity. This could be a very tight race. And yes, you guessed it: this blog loves a race.

Who's going to win? Do you know some of these small businesses? Get in touch, we would love to hear from you.


What do you think about the topics? Is the Smarta 100 Leaderboard just a networking event? Is there a point? Will the name of business prove to be key? Does this blog just talk nonsense? Let us know - @MicrosoftSB

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