Hot Topics in the Small Business Community – Marketing boom, start-up mistakes and where’s the funding?

Are you ready for the coming SMB Marketing Boom?

2012 has been an insane year for SMBs marketing on the Web. Now with more multi-platform devices, SMBs are busy getting their 'digital on'. (+1)

If you believe statistics, over 40% of SMBs are expected to increase digital spend in the next 12 months.

If you still believe statistics. SMBs are almost twice likely to perform the main functions of their business online or through digital channels than five years ago.

Crazy stats.

What does this mean? More digital spend, will mean more digital problems. Plan ahead. Many small business are falling behind in mobile commerce as well as other mobile platforms. The bottom line is companies are ill equipped to capitalise on the growing mobile commerce opportunities being driven by consumer mobile usage and smartphone proliferation.

“Some experts are predicting smartphones and tablets will account for around one-third of all website visits this coming holiday shopping season,” said Umesh Tibrewal, CEO, vSplash. “According to our current data, nearly all SMBs will be challenged to capitalise on this mobile commerce opportunity due to their incompatible websites.”

If you are ready for the buzz, wait until Thursday to read our in-depth blog on the matter.

Who’s excited?


Small Business Start-Up Mistakes                               

With so much about small business loans, much talk was about how not to do start-up. There has been much debate about the simple mistakes for start-ups. (-1)                        

Don’t do this. Don’t do that. What did you do that for? Let’s face it. Everybody will make mistakes. Some can be bigger than others, but they are still mistakes nevertheless. How do we avoid such mistakes? Well firstly, read on blog coming this Friday and secondly, listen to those who have made mistakes before.

Much talk has circulated about reputation management and how small business owners can avoid common mistakes which can damage their online reputation. Social media sites play a heavy role in this. They urge their readers interested in increasing their online presence to invest in a reputable social media company as well as develop relationships with their customers online and in person.

Many small businesses forget the basics. The challenge of growing a small business often frightens some entrepreneurs.

Cyber criminals sabotaged John Sileo’s business – and nearly landed him in jail. Now he’s determined to help small business owners prevent the disastrous mistakes that loom ever-larger in the age of identity theft, mobile computing and social media. Read his story, it is truly fascinating.

With much help available, what are the best techniques to avoid simple small business mistakes?


Funding not available everywhere                  

Following government's announcements to help start-ups, there is very little support from certain regions. Is online help the way to go? (+0.5)

With the government and more notably, Vince Cable, pledging a £60m fund to SMBs, you would think the country is in decent shape to grow and protect business. However, the Bank of England director says small firms are still being crippled by the lending drought. How surprising…

Paul Fisher, a leading director of the back, added that even those firms which managed to get loans faced a long wait, a ‘bureaucratic’ nightmare and ‘onerous’ terms to get money. Things aren’t so rosy after all. 

Online help appears to be the way to go, schemes like Kickstarter (as spoke about in last week’s blog) seeming more and more popular.

The state of the economy cannot be helped at the moment and it appears that small business owners will need to bare it for now. If you able to secure funding, consider yourself fortunate. However, there are numerous online resources to help. Including this very handy blog.

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