Is it really possible to strike a good work / life balance when working on a new start-up?

Is it really possible to strike a good work / life balance when working on a new start-up?

Following our Hot Topics debate earlier this week, discussions have started to materialise about how to strike up a good work/life balance, especially when working on a brand new shiny start-up. Have you suffered from the silent
treatment? Has starting a new business from scratch cost you relationships? Or have start-ups created relationships? Does the hard work result in a good life/work balance? Can you find that work/life balance?

The main point of this blog is: can starting a start-up be socially endearing?

The people who have made it, would argue yes. Richard Branson is hardly shy of female attention. But yet again, not every start-up would travelled in a hot air balloon and have bold ambitions of space travel. Starting out can be very difficult. An article asking ‘can you have a girlfriend and a new start-up at the same time’ provoked a healthy debate on Quora which led to wide sharing and discussion across social channels.

Marcus Evans, Commercial Director, Nutbourne Ltd


For an entrepreneur launching a start-up, it always feels like there are a million things to do and the clock is against you. Not only is it easy to neglect social relationships, but it is easy to neglect your health and your family too. Spending time with early emergencies can be key in the long-term aspirations of your business, however this is the time you begin to alienate friends and building that work/life balance becomes immensely difficult.

Just navigating each day can be a challenge. Using technology can be a great help – using phones, devices, planning reminders in calendars to plan meetings, events and parties. Use these to make sure you are eating regularly, and plan enough sleep. Family and friends should help drive your business, and spending regular time with them should be essential.

Hayley Bradshaw FCCA, FMAAT, Managing Director, Advisory Team, Coleman Bradshaw


Also find the things that you find rejuvenating. It could be as simple as an English cup of tea, reading the sport’s section of a local paper, or even play with an app on your phone. These things make a difference. Technology should be an aid to relax and having all of your machines (phones, devices and laptops) synchronized would make life a lot easier.

When starting out, it is common that small business owners have the ability to work day and night for months on end, and produce the same output as two or three employees. It’s incredible that these people can fly high when running only one engine, and more importantly, stay sane.


Mark Bower, CubeSocial


Working crazy hours is becoming old-fashioned and almost taboo in some quarters. With the help of technology, fewer hours can be spent on long emails and networking. Through technology, you can interact with those with similar interests and maintaining a decent work/life balance is definitely achievable.

Doug Monro, co-founder of Adzuna

Use this technology for the common good. Use it to interact and keep in touch. Wherever you are in the world, you can be in touch with friends and families. Now there is no reason why balancing your life and work should be so difficult. Synchronize calendars across your devices, and make time. There is always time.

What do you think? Does technology help you to communicate with friends and family? Does technology make things easier?

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