This week’s hot topics: Do brands need to “grow up” when they become more successful? Start ups emigrating State Side? Young Entrepreneurs encouraged with start-up loans

Do brands need to “grow up” when they become more successful? (-1.0 sentiment)


After seventeen years, eBay has ditched its quirky, kooky, overlaid logotype for a cleaner-cut identity. Some argue that this reflects its evolution from digital start-up auction site to a multi-billion dollar operation whilst others feel it has lost its personality.

The messily stacked letters of the original logo have fallen by the wayside with only the colours making it into the new Lippincott designed identity. The previous eBay logo was designed to reflect a “sense of community” by Elissa Davis and was her first job as a designer for Californian design firm CKS Partners. However, as company president Devin Wenig highlights in his recent post about the new logo, today’s eBay is a very different beast: “We’re incredibly proud of how eBay started and quickly grew into the world’s largest online marketplace. Auction-style listings, used goods, vintage items and quirky, one-of-a-kind finds are still a big part of what makes buying and selling on eBay special. We hope that’s always true. But we’ve evolved a lot in the past few years, and eBay is now much more than auction-style listings. Today, most items sold on eBay are new, listed at a fixed “Buy It Now!” price.”

Following this recent logo refresh by eBay; the question of “are designers guilty of stripping all the fun out of tech brands?” has spurred discussion around whether brands need to grow up when they reach a certain size or level of success.

How do you grow and develop a company without losing the “spark” and identity which Patrick Burgoyne refers to as a feeling of 'here's an exciting new company that wants to do things differently'. Why not share your thoughts with us on Twitter @MicrosoftSB


Start ups emigrating State Side? (0 sentiment)


Following the news that another European start-up accelerator, Rockstart, is taking its “first class” of graduated start ups stateside, just how important are connections with Silicon Valley for business success?

Rockstart, whose mentors include Amazon CTO Werner Vogels, showcased their first round of start-ups in Silicon Valley on the 20th of September, a panel discussion followed about “The Future of the European Startup Community”

“These kinds of trips usually yield good returns for participating startups,” says Robin Wauters writing for The Next Web. Jeff Haynie, founder of Appcelerator believes that the entire Silicon Valley “ecosystem” is optimized to make the best use of the talent and technology in start-ups; not only at the start but through different stages of development. Appcelerator “allows developers and enterprises to get their mobile apps to market 70% faster” explains Haynie, who moved from Atlanta within the USA to Silicon Valley due to “the big gravitational pull that brings lots of great people.”

Is this simply a case of the world and the global startup community becoming a smaller place or can Europe only take start-ups so far before they need to immerse themselves in Silicon Valley? Are you a startup in the UK or EU and would you ever think of moving stateside? Tell us your thoughts on Twitter @MicrosoftSB


Young Entrepreneurs encouraged with start-up loans (+1.0 sentiment)


Last week’s MADE Entrepreneur Festival, saw Vince Cable announce a new start-up loan scheme for young entrepreneurs across the UK.  Start-Up Loans is aimed at passionate entrepreneurs aged between 18-24 with a range of support, including access to business mentors and of course, capital. Funding will be in the region of £2,500, with the aim of helping to get their business idea moving.

Vince Cable said:  "With more young people than ever before looking to start their own business, Start-Up loans will provide the support they need to help get their business ideas off the ground. The scheme is not just about money. They will also get access to professional mentors who will pass on their knowledge and expertise about running successful enterprises. Money is going out of the door now, so those who want to take advantage should apply today.” Cable met some of the young people who have received a Start-Up Loan and are taking their first steps in business whilst at the festival in Sheffield.

The scheme is being run by the newly formed Start-Up Loans Company, headed by well known entrepreneur and ex-Dragon’s Den judge, James Caan who said “Through the Start-Up Loans Company, we are encouraging young people to be more entrepreneurial by taking their future into their own hands and creating their own opportunities.”

So far over 1,200 people have registered their interest. Will you be registering?

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