‘Why Microsoft Dynamics ERP’? Part 1: It’s more than just ERP (Birlea Furniture case study)

So here it is. Earlier in the week we promised a series of posts that will help you evaluate whether Microsoft Dynamics ERP is the business solution you’re searching for.  Welcome to a wealth of insights and case studies that will make sure you make the most informed decision possible.

Before we move on, we’re guessing you’re probably asking yourself one fundamental question: do I need enterprise resource planning (ERP) at all?

Fortunately there’s a very easy way to qualify your interest in this topic. Ask yourself: am I outgrowing my entry-level accounting software? If the answer is yes, it’s very likely you’re ready to make the step up to an ERP business solution.  When you do, we believe you’ll be doing so much more.

For example:

  • Using historical data to drive greater efficiency across core business processes like purchasing and inventory management
  • Turning information into insight to boost sales
  • Taking control of your cash to drive new business opportunities

Does that sound like something you could benefit from? Then read on for some compelling reasons why Microsoft Dymanics ERP is the solution to go for.

First up….                           

It’s more than just ERP!

As you go through the process of evaluating technology vendors and solutions, you’ll probably find a long list of options, many of which can help you balance your books, manage your inventory, create a budget— all the things you’d expect a software package to do. As you evaluate these options, it might be hard to tell the difference between many of them, but it will soon become clear that a business solution from Microsoft is more than just ERP.

That’s because the Microsoft vision for business applications goes beyond what a simple stand-alone ERP solution can do.

  • The Microsoft ERP vision starts with a unique combination of business intelligence, collaboration, and communication tools embedded across your business processes
  • That combination creates a proactive, productive workforce, and it provides your business with a solution that connects your people and your company
  • This connected experience also blurs the lines between personal and professional applications, helping to transform the way you and your people work
  • The results: a greater level of control over your business, increased profitability, higher employee and customer satisfaction, and new opportunities to grow your business.

Don’t just take our word for it! See the customer evidence

Birlea Furniture, based in Derbyshire, is an importer and distributor of furniture. The company employs 27 staff and has around 1,400 customers. Having outgrown its existing software system, Birlea Furniture needed an easy-to-implement, cost-effective solution that could be customised to the company’s needs. Now, with Microsoft Dynamics in place, the firm is supporting growth and increasing profitability.

Here’s a selection of the key benefits that Birlea has been able to achieve:

Greater efficiency. With all information easily accessible in one place, the Birlea Furniture team can make better-informed decisions, and, as a result, fulfil orders faster.

Ease of use. Automatic sales data gives the company’s decision-makers a true reflection of activities in real time, giving them the tools to react immediately to changing circumstances.

Intelligent stock control. The new system has made the monitoring of customer purchasing habits easy. For example, by being aware of an increase in credit note activity, Birlea Furniture can improve quality control and adjust stock to satisfy demand more effectively.

Significant savings. Birlea Furniture has also cut its operational costs. Through no longer having to rely on paper delivery notices, purchase orders, and invoicing, the business is spending far less on postage and related labour costs.

Improved cash flow.  Birlea can’t usually invoice until it have proof of delivery. With automatic, mobile delivery advice that’s fed straight into the system means, the company saves two to three days and can invoice sooner, thereby helping cash flow.

Increased margins. Management can also analyse profit margins much more easily now, which means the company can be more intelligent with its buying and increase overall profitability.


Want to find out more? Take the next step:

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