Seven reasons to retire Windows XP and upgrade to Windows 7

Windows XP has had a pretty remarkable run since its launch in 2001, but it's time to move on. With our official extended support due to end in 2014, we round up the key reasons why upgrading to Windows 7 makes business sense. 

1. Everything just seems easier.

We're confident you’ll take to Windows 7 like a duck to water. Built-in troubleshooters help you fix printing issues, connect to networks and use multimedia, plus much, much more.

2. Get better security built-in.

Windows 7 has ‘Windows Defender’ built-in to boost the security of your computer against spyware and unwanted software. Alerts are simpler and easier take action on. And for MI5 style security, Windows 7 also supports fingerprint readers to unlock your computer.

3. Have all your files instantly at hand.

Windows XP was a workhorse, but Windows 7 works even harder. With an easy to use search bar, all your files and documents are instantly available when you need them.

4. Organise your wireless connections.

Windows 7 automatically remembers all your wireless connections so you’ll only need to set them up once.

5. Hassle-free backups.

Backups can be a pain, which is why Windows 7 has improved XP’s great ‘System Restore’ feature so it can now also back up automatically.

6. There’s no need to abandon older applications

You can continue to use your old applications because most of them (even though they were designed for Windows XP) will run perfectly with Windows 7 too.

7. Extend the life of your existing PC.

It’s what’s inside that counts and the same is true for your PC. You don’t need to upgrade your computer hardware to enjoy a faster and more efficient computer especially when the benefits of Windows 7 are just a click away.

For more information on upgrading to Windows 7 visit our dedicated campaign page. Get upgrade options, find out where to buy and check out our free trials. 

Want more? This IDC paper explains why continuing to support XP is a bad business decision. 

Comments (2)

  1. Edwin says:

    There is no argument that Windows 7 is a big time upgrade to XP. I still personally run Windows XP but I am very impressed with Windows 7. That a bad learning curve.

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