Azure helps take football coaching system to new level

And so the dust settles on Euro 2012 and an incredible achievement from Spain in winning their 3rd major tournament in a row. As all nations – not just England – scratch their chins and wonder how to catch up, along comes a very timely case study that describes how the Football Assocation of Wales (FAW) is using advanced software from Drillboard Worldwide to deliver consistently excellent coaching throughout all levels of its game.

Osian Roberts, Technical Director, Football Association of Wales, says: “DrillBoard really helps us improve coaching at all levels of Welsh football and it’s great that players in local youth teams can share the same system that the first team uses. I would recommend it to any coach, player, or parent.”

The interesting thing from a technology perspective is that Drillboard has worked with Microsoft partner IQ Cloud Consulting to make this service available to the FAW through a subscription-based system using the Windows Azure platform.

Read the full story and watch the video. It’s a fascinating insight into how technology can be used to advance football coaching from the grass roots upwards. More than that, it’s a great example of how any small business (Drillboard has just two employees) can use Azure to deliver flexible new business models and create new markets. 

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