Bank with Barclays? Build Up Your Online Marketing Skills with ThriveOnline!

Guest post: Simone Schuurer from Microsoft Adversting tells us about a great new initiative with Barclays Bank that will help customers sharpen up their search engine marketing skills. There are also some great offers involved, including £30 of free adveertising and a free consultation with a Bing|Yahoo! marketing expert


When you’re running your own business and manage many aspects of it without help, it can be hard to find the time you need to learn everything you need to know to be an expert in each field.

Get help to establish your online presence

To offer you a helping hand with one of the important skills you may want to master (online marketing) we partnered with Barclays Bank and BCSG Learning Solutions in the UK to help small business owners improve their Bing|Yahoo! search engine marketing skills as part of the new online marketing workshop ‘ThriveOnline’.

The workshop is designed to help Barclays Business customers establish their online presence and attract new customers, therefore growing their business.

Cost-efficient channels to attract new customers

Search engine marketing will be one of the key topics covered within the workshop; participants will be fully trained in Bing|Yahoo! and how to set up campaigns to attract new customers from the get-go. Our targeting tools enable small businesses to find customers in their own region, which maximizes their budget and drives high quality traffic to their website. The workshop overall will also cover how to get the most out of social media, direct mail and online directories.

Search engine marketing is becoming an increasingly important marketing channel for small businesses as more and more consumers begin their online journey by using search engines, and the good news is that it is also one of the most cost-efficient channels to advertise and attract customers.

Sign up for the workshop and receive £30 of free advertising to get going!

To help you apply the skills you’ll learn and to help you kick-start your campaign, Bing|Yahoo! will offer each attendee £30 of free advertising credit and a complimentary consultation from a Bing|Yahoo! search marketing expert. All in all, the participants will receive over £400 value in vouchers from the workshop partner companies.

If you like the idea of ramping up your online marketing skills with the help of experienced trainers in the company of other business owners, you should contact your Barclays business manager who can advise you on when a workshop will be on in a location near you.

Stay up-to-date or ask questions via our Bing Business community blog and forum, our Facebook page, Twitter handle and Linkedin group. Here are also some videos you can watch to recap any search skills taught to you.

Simone Schuurer.

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  1. craig says:

    I think its great that Barclays Banks CEO Resigns! I think its great that Barclays Banks CEO Resigns!

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