Huge variety of small businesses use Office 365 – what could you do?

You may have noticed our previous post about a Laundrette using Office 365. Here's a another you may not have expected about Shine Therapy Services, which helps children, families, and schools access affordable therapy services. It wanted to expand without increasing costs and continue delivering high-quality services. With Microsoft Office 365, the company can work from anywhere, exchanging email messages, sharing diaries and documents, and storing client records online. Shine has become more efficient, even as it has grown. Office 365 has also helped keep costs down by removing the need for a central office. Most important, it has allowed Shine to spend more time with children, their families, and schools.

Office is 365 really is so adaptable and flexible that it really can be used to great benefit by almost any kind of small business, as these stories illustrate so well. 

Read the full Shine story. You can also watch the Shine video and a host of other small business stories here.

And Don't forget that the Office 365 plan for small business is still available on a free trial

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