Meerkats and Avatars: showcasing SME tech startups

On show at St John’s Innovation Centre in Cambridge earlier this month were 17 exciting new technologies, including:

  • A device for measuring how people walk, which is useful for athletes in training but also for older people who have difficulty walking – the idea being to prevent potential falls.
  • 3D automatic reconstruction of tunnels to prioritise repair work.
  • A dependency tracing software tool, which uses colourful graphics to illustrate how programs interact on your computer – particularly useful for solving installation issues. Microchip giant ARM is already a customer.
  • A desktop migration tool, that works via a smartphone and enables you to move from one computer to another, resuming work on one computer with your files and apps exactly as you left them on the other.

Reading through these showcases provides a fascinating insight into understanding how technology is shaping and changing lives.

You can read more on the BBC and also on the Cambridge network here

NB: I don't know why the show is called Meerkats and Avatars, but it is, and it caught my eye!


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