Windows Phone 7.5 makes communication quick, easy and intuitive

As mobile phones become more and more integral to the way we communicate in and out of work, not to mention how we source information and entertainment, finding just the right mobile device becomes ever more important. And I don’t know about you, but for me, using my phone needs to be intuitive. It needs to be quick. And easy would help, too.

Well, that’s just what was on the mind of the Windows Phone team with Windows Phone 7.5, which recently came to market. Intended to make communication, apps and the Internet more intuitive, Windows Phone 7.5 reflects the reality that people communicate in many different ways throughout the day and need their mobile devices to support them in all of these interactions.

The 7.5 update includes enhancements like intelligent multi-tasking, which enables users to quickly shift between apps and tasks without diminishing battery life or performance, and a new feature that lets users create groups from their contacts for quick and easy communication. For me, this will really come in handy when I want to shoot off a text or e-mail to my team or even just check out their latest vacation photos, since the Groups feature also incorporates social media updates.

Another cool feature of the 7.5 update is Internet sharing, also referred to as “tethering.” This lets people use their phones as Wi-Fi hotspots, so that whenever you’re working on the road and need an Internet connection for your laptop or other computing device, you don’t have to look far for a hotspot; it’s right there in your Windows Phone.

For more information on all the ways Windows Phone is making communication easy and intuitive, keep tabs on the Windows Phone blog and check out the Windows Phone website for more details on Windows Phone 7.5.

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