Microsoft Publisher: 5 tips for printing cards, labels or name tags

Bob deLaubenfels writes the Office Publisher blog and posts lots of useful hints and tips like this one below. Bob welcomes comments on his tips and suggestions on others.

Publisher is a great tool for creating and printing business cards, address labels, name tags. Here's five tips to help you print your cards, labels, or tags with a minimum amount of time and frustration:

  • Choose the right template. If you are going to print on Avery 27883 business cards be sure to use a template for Avery 27883.
  • Know the difference between printing multiple copies per sheet and multiple pages per sheet so you don't print sheets of the same labels when you want sheets with different labels.
  • Create a data source to mail merge with your publication if you want to create different pages.
  • Print test pages on blank sheets of paper before you print on an actual sheet of cards, labels, or name tags. This can save you time, money and frustration. After you print a test sheet, place it on top of your blank label sheet and hold them up to a bright light to see if the text aligns correctly.
  • Use a highly readable font and font size. For print, serif fonts such as Times New Roman or Book Antiqua are your best choice, and set the font to 6pt or larger.

Publisher 2010 is part of the Office 2010 Professional Suite - it's not included in Office 2010 Home & Business. Download a free trial of Office 2010 Pro.


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  1. Latoya Smith says:

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