Need a new PC? Take a look at The Windows 7 Collection

If you’re thinking about buying a new PC – maybe because you’re just starting up in business or you need to expand and upgrade your current tech - or even because the children are monopolising the home workhorse during the holidays – take a look at the Windows 7 Collection.

We’ve highlighted 4 of the powerful and professional PCs that are ideal for business use, and which are available in a wide range of models, colours and styles. You may need high graphics capabilities for example, or perhaps you’re out and about so much you need a PC that’s light and stylish.

Featured PCs on the website include:

  • Dell Vostro V13 – stylish, thin and strong
  • Sony SB Series – perfect for the busy professional
  • Samsung 9 Series – razor thin, stunning screen
  • Toshiba R830 – lightweight and stylish

You can see more PCs for home and business use on the Windows 7 Collection website.

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