Small businesses urged to focus on energy efficiency

 Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can take a number of steps to make their offices more energy efficient, it has been claimed.

Andrew Boddington, director of marketing at Return on IT, said SMB owners need to be very aware of how much energy they are using and where it is being used.

"Doing the right thing environmentally can actually help your business and save money," he claimed.

"Just simple things like not leaving things needlessly on overnight or when people aren't using the equipment - it can make a huge difference."

Mr Boddington noted that, given the multitude of tasks faced by small business owners, it can be difficult for them to focus on environmental performance.

However, he said that giving closer attention to sustainability can make a big difference to the money spent by a company.

"In the end it is worth doing, and it's just actually about biting the bullet to do that work, Mr Boddington said.

He urged SMBs to be careful in their choice of premises, and have a plan for employees and technology which differentiates between the 'essential' and other 'desirables'.

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