Around the world in 40 days with OneNote

People are passionate about Microsoft OneNote – once discovered it’s one of those Office tools you wish you’d found years ago. If you’ve got Office 2007 or 2010 it’s probably sitting there on your PC, just waiting for you to open it up and put it to use.

OneNote is an online project-based storage box for all your notes, photos, contacts, references, drawings etc – everything that you want to keep in one place for easy access. So if you’re planning a trip for example, or want to make notes while you’re on a call to expand later – try OneNote. If you’re producing a brochure and you’ve got text in one place, photos in another, and quotes from printers in your Outlook file, you can bring them all together in a OneNote file.

To show off its best features we’ve put together a OneNote travel guide for you . If you’re visiting one of the 40 cities featured on the Around the World site you can download and then customise the OneNote TripBook to reflect your arrangements . If you’re going somewhere else you can download the free standalone trial version of OneNote 2010 and create your own TripBook today.

There are loads of fantastic resources on the Around the World site – as well as some pretty good travel info too!

If you’re not already convinced, here are a couple more resources to get you started

Top 10 reasons to try OneNote 2010

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