Introducing Windows Intune

If you have more than a handful of PCs in your company, you already know that it can be a chore keeping them secure against viruses and ensuring that they have the latest software and updates.

This is where Windows Intune comes in. It provides cloud-hosted PC security and management. It helps you keep all your computers (and their users) running smoothly. It lets you:

  • Manage updates
  • Protect PCs against malware
  • Monitor PCs for problems
  • Track hardware and software inventory
  • Give remote assistance if something goes wrong
  • Set consistent security policies for your PCs

It is also very helpful if you work with an IT partner for technical support. You can give them access to Intune and they can use it to monitor your PCs and fix problems remotely. It also comes with a Windows Client Enterprise Licence, which allows you to upgrade from business editions of Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7, to Windows 7 Enterprise, and gain access to additional security features such as disk encryption and enhanced search capabilities.

Prices start at £7.25 per PC, per month, which compares favourably with the price of a conventional but standalone anti-virus program.

You'll find more product information on Microsoft's mid-market website.

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