Celebrate mums in business this Mother’s Day

Guest post from Emma Jones (Enterprise Nation)

With more than 300,000 mums running a business and contributing over £7 billion to the annual UK economy*, a group of small business organisations are suggesting the best gift for Mum this year is to buy her a business or lend a helping hand by calling on the government to make childcare expenses tax deductible.


Across the UK mums are seeing the benefits of starting a business – earning their own living whilst still having time for family and friends. Being your own boss means deciding where, when and how you work which makes self-employment attractive whether you’re a Mum who wants to earn in the hours when newborn is sleeping or the kids have left home and you’ve got more time to pursue new interests.


Hayley Ramm is one such mum who was inspired to start her business, Squigglers, by 4-year-old daughter, Grace.


“Grace has always loved to experiment with paint and it was whilst sitting down with her that the idea to start a painting fun club for parents and children began. My husband and I knew that as soon as Grace started school we had to make a choice of how we were going to organise the school runs so I decided to give up my career and start my own business. It’s early days but the business is going really well and the whole family is involved. My husband helps out with marketing and Grace is becoming a very professional class assistant!”


With these benefits in mind, Emma Jones, founder of small business support company, Enterprise Nation, and author of The Start-Up Kit says:


“There has never been a better time to become your own boss. You can get started for less than the cost of a rail ticket and there’s so much support available as you make sales and grow. If you want to buy the ideal gift for Mum this year, buy her something to help start a business. It lasts longer than flowers and won’t stay on the waistline like chocolates!”


Cara Sayer, inventor of SnoozeShade and 2010 Business Mum of the Year, has an idea to help mums stay in business. She has launched a petition calling for childcare expenses to be regarded as a genuine business expense and tax deductible.


Cara says: “If I need to go to a trade show, I am able to claim travel, food and accommodation as a legitimate business cost. However, someone to look after my child is not an allowable cost yet being able to attend that trade show is a vital sales tool for my business. If the government wants more women in business then being able to claim the cost of childcare will help many of those starting up. Childcare is an expense that will help my business grow and, for that reason, it should be tax deductible. I’ve launched a petition so other parents can show their support too.”


Delight Mum this year with a business gift so she can become her own boss and be earning from this Mother’s Day to the next!


*source: MumpreneurUK - www.mumpreneuruk.com


Retailing at £25, The Start-Up Kit has been created for Mums of all ages and is the perfect gift if your Mum has ever dreamt of starting her own business or has a passion, hobby, or skill that could be turned into a profit. The Kit comes with a 200 page book offering step-by-step advice on how to get started, along with over £400 of offers from leading small business brands.


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