Share, collaborate & communicate with Windows 7

A picture really is worth a thousand words. That’s because showing people information is often the most efficient (and effective) way to communicate.  With Windows 7 Professional, you can spend less time talking and more time communicating.

Tip 1: Get New Users Up-to-Speed:
Showing new employees how to perform daily tasks can take time - time that could be better spent on helping them understand your culture and unique approach to service. Now, you can make your job - and their learning process - easier with Steps Recorder

Dr. Ernest Tako, program director of general education for Global Health Nurse Training Services, found a way to save time using Steps Recorder: "Creating a training document the old way meant each screen shot had to be captured and annotated separately taking up to an hour. With Steps Recorder it takes 5 or 6 minutes - that’s] 10 times faster."

And Annie’s Nannies Household Staffing is planning to leverage the tool to communicate and streamline internal training: “Steps Recorder… is obviously a great resource for explaining problems to our IT person, but it also would be a great way to train new employees on how to use our unique database program (and all its quirks)!”

Steps Recorder, which comes with Windows 7 Professional, enables you to capture screen shots, quickly annotate them, and create reusable documents to simplify and fast-track training. So new employees can master daily tasks and help you grow your business faster.

Tip 2: Simplify Documentation Processes:
Why talk about processes when you can show them? With the Steps Recorder tool in Windows 7 Professional, you can quickly create visual aids that help your customers and prospects understand how you work - and how you can help them. 

Jonathan Griffin, the National Maritime Museum’s museum director, used Steps Recorder to document his company processes: “The [Steps Recorder] helps us to show people how things work, train them . . . you can get straight down to work so much faster.” Watch a brief video case study on Cornwall's National Maritime Museum.

And Poyan Nahrvar, project coordinator of the The Atlas Corporation found better ways to share information using the feature: “Steps Recorder whittled a tutorial project, normally done with print screens, from a half hour to less than five minutes. Showing employees and subcontractors how to use an FTP site is now really simple.”

Creating documentation processes is a snap with Steps Recorder, making it easier for you to help your clients get their jobs done. The bottom line? Your clients are happier, and you have more time to focus on business-building initiatives.

Tip 3: Cut Down IT Support Costs:

Trying to explain technical problems can be complex. That’s because it’s often difficult to accurately describe an issue, especially one you’ve never encountered before. Why not show your IT support teams what’s happening? That way, nothing gets lost in translation - so they can resolve technical troubles quickly and you can get back to tackling critical business tasks. 
As Greg Zambo from Sublime Industries says, “I don’t want to waste anyone’s time . . . and mumble my way through [an issue]. That’s like calling me mechanic and trying to explain what my truck is doing by duplicating the sound [of the engine].”
According to Raul Jurado, director of technical support for CORRECOL, “We spend most of our time just trying to identify the IT problems. With Steps Recorder we have cut that in half, realising a 33 percent increase in productivity.”
Want to see Steps Recorder in action? Visit this ( US) link to see how one small business owner mastered the art of capturing and sharing key process steps to save time - and frustration. Want Steps Recorder today? Get Windows 7 Professional installed on your existing PC or explore offers from online retailers for a new PC with Windows 7 Professional pre-installed.

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