NSS Labs results: Internet Explorer the No. 1 browser to protect against malware

This post, from Julia Owen, UK Consumer Lead for Internet Explorer, was first published on the ‘The Blue E’ Internet Explorer blog

 Fantastic news just in at Internet Explorer HQ! We are pleased to announce that, for the third quarter running in 2010, Internet Explorer has continued to be the number one browser to protect users against malware attacks. Today, NSS Labs has released its Q3 2010 web browser study that shows our investment in blocking malware is helping protect millions of people.

According to the latest NSS Labs report, Internet Explorer is the industry leader in protecting users against malware and specifically, IE9 is able to block or warn against 99% of socially-engineered malware. But what exactly does this mean? Well put simply, Microsoft blocks almost five times more malware threats than Firefox, nine times more malware threats than Safari and 33 times more malware threats than Chrome. Internet Explorer has blocked over 1.2 billion malware and fishing attacks, further cementing it as the leading browser in the fight against malware attacks. In addition, Internet Explorer 8 is the only browser to achieve an improved score compared to earlier reports.


With malware the most common and impactful security threat facing internet users today, Internet Explorer 9 Beta has delivered a robust set of built-in security, privacy, and reliability technologies that allow you to browse in total confidence and control.  Security and privacy are of paramount importance to the Internet Explorer team, we are continuing to improve our offerings including announcing the latest privacy protection update in Internet Explorer 9.

Browsing the web is the most common activity on the PC so ensuring that people have a trusted experience on the web is a top priority for Internet Explorer. For more information about Internet Explorer, please see www.microsoft.com/internetexplorer or www.BeautyoftheWeb.co.uk to download Internet Explorer 9 in beta.

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