Want more productivity? Get smarter technology (Tip #3)

Unleash Your Task (Bar) Force

Comparing documents used to be a pain. And simply finding the files, folders and applications you frequently access could take much longer than you would like. Not anymore. >


Elise Ambrose, president of Elite Personnel says that Aero Snap is a “huge help [when] constantly switching between apps. Now it’s really one step - boom, boom, boom - and saves one hour every morning,” she says, noting that “Time is money for everyone.”


For Sue Smith, town clerk of Matlock Town Council (view video case study here), “I tend to use Jump Lists quote a lot. It’s very easy to be able to have documents at the top of each list. You’ve got easy access to them whereas before they would be placed all over the desktop - very messy and not easy to find.  Jump Lists are brilliant.”


The enhanced Taskbar in Windows 7 Professional has helped Emily Shaftel, coordinator of CSPC put “the most recent documents right at my fingertips. I’m instantly more productive.”


You can make organisation a breeze with features available in Windows 7 Professional. With Snap, for example, you can drag two windows - one to each side of your screen - and watch them instantly ‘snap’ together for seamless side-by-side viewing. Jump Lists take you right to the documents you turn to each day by displaying recently access documents - and you can even Pin the files and applications you use regularly right to your Taskbar for even faster access.


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