SMB Advisory Panel & effects of Govt spending review

The Small Business Advisory Panel met last week to discuss the implications of the Government’s spending review on Small Businesses.  Panellists included:


  • Tanya Shirlow, Head of Small Business, Microsoft SMB UK
  • Stephen Pegge, Communications Director, Lloyds TSB Commercial
  • Henry Eldelbaum, Director of AIMS, Accountants for Businesses
  • Vicki Owen, Mail on Sunday

The panel focused predominately on how the Spending Review should be used by SMBs as an opportunity to take stock of their own business processes. With budget cuts affecting both public and private sector businesses, SMBs were urged to invest in technology which will enable them to better understand their customers and adapt to today’s challenging business conditions.

Watch the video of the whole debate here on our Microsoft Small Business video showcase channel.

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    Bank lending to SMB's   should be protected and 'encouraged' for state owned banks –

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