Microsoft’s Internet Business Vision: SharePoint for Internet sites & FAST search

Could your organisation benefit from a more streamlined Internet presence? We’re talking about lower total cost of ownership (TCO), greater control and increased speed of content delivery here. And we’re also talking about SharePoint 2010 – a collaborative technology platform that makes it easier for people to work together, and which is also a great way to deliver intranet and Internet sites.

With FAST Search, organisations can provide more interactive and more exciting online experiences, which help to attract more customers and then keep them coming back again and again.

 The two videos below show how Microsoft is creating an integrated Internet business platform that balances both the needs of IT and marketing, resulting in reduced costs and complexity and enabling a faster time to market.

 The videos:

  • Describe Microsoft’s Vision for Internet business built on SharePoint for Internet sites and FAST search
  • Illustrate this vision in the context of an integrated business platform that balances IT control with web agility..
  • Give examples of how this vision is being realised today using SharePoint for Internet sites and FAST Search.
  • Provide an overview of the Internet business capabilities in SharePoint 2010 for Internet sites
  • Describe how Microsoft is helping organisations to reach and retain more customers, while growing revenue online.

Watch: Microsoft's Internet Business Platform Vision Part 1

            Microsoft's Internet Business Platform Vision Part 2

 And since the proof is in the pudding – the Microsoft Small Business UK website is moving over to a SharePoint 2010 platform in the very near future so you’ll be able to see the benefits first-hand.

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