Gorillaz launch Internet Explorer 9 Beta

Internet Explorer 9 Beta has arrived! And we even had help from our friends the Gorillaz, the world’s best-selling animated band, at the launch. The UK event, held on 15 September, was located at The Hospital Club, London, where Ashley Highfield, MD Consumer & Online for Microsoft UK, launched the new browser before Leila Martine, Head of Windows UK, took the packed audience through the exciting new features like hardware acceleration and HTML5 which is like watching HDTV for the first time. It’s fast, it’s clean and it’s trusted. You can download IE9 Beta here.

The new browser is designed to use the power of a computer’s hardware to radically improve people’s online experiences such as shopping, browsing, surfing, gaming, watching TV or streaming music. At the same time, Internet Explorer 9 Beta reads special web design code enabling it to increase the speed, look and performance of websites by making colours, images and texture richer and deeper. You can download the new Internet Explorer 9 Beta and experience many of these new sites at http://www.BeautyoftheWeb.co.uk .

A video of Murdoc from The Gorillaz experiencing the wizardry of Internet Explorer 9 Beta is available to view at http://gorillaz.com/club-room

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