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Thanks to Jane Buswell who has just posted the first question on the new Facebook/AskTheExpert page. And she's had an immediate and thorough response from our Microsoft Small Business Specialists.

If you would like to post a question - business not tech support - you'll need to have a Facebook account. Simply go to the AskTheExpert page and click on the 'Discussions' tab.

Then click on the top right-hand tab 'Start new Topic' and post your question.

It's as simple as that! For tech support, try these first:

Here's Jane's question:

"My husband raves about working with two screens and says it makes his life a lot easier. Can I do the same by connecting a laptop to a PC or do I need to have a separate stand along screen? How do I connect them so that I can sweep content from one to another?"

And here's the answer from Guy Gregory at Peak Support:

Great question, thank you for submitting it! When you're using a Laptop and Desktop PC in combination, the best way to move applications between the two screens would be to attach the PC's monitor to the display port on the laptop (usually blue).

Here's a tutorial to show you how to set this up:

Once the monitor is connected to your laptop, you have the choice to Mirror (same display on both screens) or Extend the desktop. If you want to be able to move windows between the screens, choose the latter option.

I hope this answers your question and thanks again for posting.

Guy Gregory, Peak Support Services


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