Back to school with free search marketing classrooms

Guest post from Cedric Chambaz , Marketing Manager, Search & SMB, Microsoft Advertising

Every September it is the same story: a new year, new pupils, new teacher… The perspective of the unknown can be daunting for our little ones. And to a certain extent, I face a similar apprehension from business owners when I mention I work in search marketing. They may have given up on the school uniforms but they are still facing that ambivalent feeling: on the one hand they acknowledge search as  a critical marketing technique for SMB but on the other hand, they are somehow afraid by what sounds like dark digital arts to them.

To bust these myths, Microsoft Advertising has created adExcellence, a series of free video tutorials which help 'search newbies' – and seasoned e-marketers - learn about pay-per-click advertising and how to make the most out of Microsoft adCenter, Bing’s search marketing platform. Regularly updated, these virtual classrooms give you access at your own leisure, to a wealth of information from ad copy tips to targeting strategies, from budgeting to optimisation best practices… What’s more? Just like in the old days, you can even take the adExcellence exam and become an accredited adCenter user.

 adExcellence is one of the numerous assets of the Microsoft Advertising Learning Centre. Bookmark this great depository of research, case studies, tools.. it is very handy and certainly lighter than any of the textbooks your children have to carry around.

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